In Home Physical Therapy

Vita provides in home prenatal and postpartum Physical Therapy. This is ideal for the new parent who would like care and support from the ease and comfort of their own home. This service is ideal for patients who don’t want to take their newborns out and don’t want to try and coordinate feedings and naps with their therapy sessions. The goal of Physical Therapy is to evaluate the whole person. Then based on the findings assist in restoring function, preventing injury and improving overall quality of life through manual therapies, exercise and education. Physical Therapy during and after pregnancy treat the following conditions but are not limited to:

Prenatal therapy: low back pain, hip/pelvis pain, upper back pain, headaches, Incontinence and any aches and pain preventing you from a positive pregnancy.
Postpartum therapy: persisting low back pain, hip/pelvis pain, body mechanics for lifting and feeding, incontinence, pelvic pain, scar management both for c-section and perineal scarring and anything preventing you from returning to your pre-pregnancy activities.

Your physical therapy will consist of an initial evaluation and discussion of a plan of treatment. At that time we will set up follow up visits, usually an average of 6-8, but the number of visits may vary depending on the condition being treated. You can expect visits to last 45-60 minutes.

Doula Services

Vita offers Doula services for families interested in continuous emotional support, physical comfort and pain management with the goal of a positive birth experience. Our Doula service is unique with specialized knowledge in the biomechanics of the body and the ability to manage preexisting musculoskeletal dysfunctions and prevent further injury during your labor and birth through specific manual and positional techniques and education. Prior to labor we will meet with you and your partner 2 times to become acquainted, discuss questions you may have regarding the childbirth process, discuss your priorities for childbirth, practice comfort measured used in labor and practice body movements and exercises to assist in preparing your body for labor and birth. We will then remain with you throughout labor and birth as well as 1-2 hours after, depending on your needs. Vita’s Doula service also includes a postpartum visit within a few weeks to see how you are doing, review the birth, answer any questions and provide referrals to other resources when needed.

Childbirth Education

Vita New Life Education offers private and small group childbirth education based on the philosophy of International Childbirth Education Association. ICEA supports the birthing person's right to decide based on knowledge of risks, benefits and alternatives. The classes are catered to the needs of each individual/couple with respects to their childbirth wishes. Our private classes allow clients to have all their questions answered and discuss birth planning without judgement. Some of the topics typically covered are the natural progression of labor, comfort measures throughout labor, pain management options, medical interventions, postpartum care and newborn cares. Our goal is provide knowledge to people and couples that will instill confidence and eliminate fear ultimately leading to a more positive birth experience. Classes usually consist of 1 class about 3-4 hours long but will vary some depending on the education requested and scheduling preferences.

Breastfeeding Education Class

Vita also offers a separate breastfeeding class for families who are choosing to breastfeed. Breastfeeding classes cover the basic physiology of breastfeeding, various positions for feeding, proper latch, introducing a pump and bottle and basic trouble shooting. Breastfeeding classes consist of one class lasting 1-2 hours depending on education requested.