Evaluations are one hour. We will look at everything from how you stand, walk, bend, move and breath. For postpartum patients we assess for any abdominal separation.

For pregnant patients in their 2nd or 3rd trimester and for postpartum patients after 6 weeks we complete an internal pelvic floor assessment. Patient consent is received for all aspects of the evaluation both external and internal. Then together we determine the best plan of care to reach your goals.

A Referral:

In the state of MN PT’s can see patients directly without a referral for 90 days. After 90 days we would seek a referral from a licensed provider

Every patient is unique, and your treatment plan will tailor-fit your goals and symptoms. Most patients experience dramatic improvements within the first 4-6 visits . Wellness visits can offer prevention and the ability to fix minor ailments before they become bigger problems.  

For postpartum patients up to 16 weeks, I serve patients within a 15 mile radius of Hopkins.

In-person treatments are the gold standard for receiving the best quality of care. For that reason I see patients in person after the initial postpartum healing.

6 weeks is a long time to wait for recommendations around healing for the postpartum patients. To assist in this time I offer virtual appointments around 3-4 weeks postpartum for education and early healing recommendations.

VitaNewLife is an out-of-network provider. This allows us a holistic and therapeutic approach that offers greater compassion, healing and prevention. Commercial insurance carriers’ time limitation of 30-45 minutes, as well as restrictions in treatment methods limit the care and therapy best suited for pelvic floor patients. 

Payment for services are due at the time of the visits. HSA/FSA payments are accepted and do cover physical therapy.