Restore your body and health with patient-driven pelvic and orthopedic physical therapy


A time that ushers in the best moments… 

and if we’re being totally honest, the most challenging moments.

Rarely discussed is the aftermath of stretching our bodies to an extreme capacity, during pregnancy and birth. Where we experience those silent symptoms, that inwardly feel painfully loud! The embarrassing changes such as: leaking, painful intercourse, loss of/painful range of motion.

You may be surprised to learn how common Pelvic Floor symptoms are:

77% of postpartum women have low back pain that interferes with daily tasks

Vaginal deliveries are the number one risk for pelvic organ prolapse

Up to 65% of women experience sexual dysfunction 18 months postpartum, regardless of the method of delivery


Therapeutic physical therapy celebrates huge successes in getting women, such as yourself, back into the activities you love, pain-free (& leak-free too). 

At VitaNewLife, we help women get off the roller coaster of prenatal & postpartum symptoms. Here you’ll receive the validation and care required to treat the underlying cause. You will never be given a one-size fits all approach to your unique struggle..

5 Days to a Healthier Postpartum Recovery

Learn one new exercise each day to build and retain a strong pelvic floor. These exercises will help stop leaking strengthen your core, and recover quickly from child birth.


A Mother of 4 who Understands

Commited to bringing back your Smile

Hi, I’m Sarah:

You’re in a safe place where you’ll be met with compassion. 

My ‘hands on’ approach enables me to get to ‘the why’ systems aren’t optimally functioning. Your therapeutic and holistic treatments will build back your strength and function.  

I’m so motivated by seeing the huge smiles of my clients as they come in and share their wins: running without leaking, pain-free intimacy and resuming everyday-activities they once took for granted. 

As a mother of four, physical therapist, childbirth educator and doula, I understand the importance of a positive pregnancy, birth experience and postpartum care. 

I want you to be able to experience a healthy parenthood where you’re unburdened by pain or lack of motion.

Dr. Sarah Knight PT, DPT


I’ve successfully treated everything from:  acute sports injuries to complicated pelvic floor dysfunctions, incontinence and pelvic pain as well as the general aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

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How We Work Together

Personal Touch Just for You
Discuss what motivates you + your lifestyle
Work together to design a preventative or healing program you’re inspired to achieve.
You’ll receive the accountability and encouragement you need to reach your goals.

Our Services

Go from pain & limitations to healing and restoration
Manuel Hands on Therapy

There is great power in receiving the personal touch of an in-person visit. My experiences of bringing patients from suffering to thriving has enabled me to feel when something is off and needs healing.


This puts a microscopic eye on your movements via camera. This way motions that are out of alignment are highlighted. Modifying these will remove stress on your body and prevent further injury.


Ever notice that we’re not as motivated to fulfill tasks we don’t really understand? Whether you’re looking for a visual of what’s happening within your body or to geek out to the nitty gritty details. I can meet you with explanations at your desired level.


Home Exercise Program Guidance

Because I take the time to understand your unique situation, you’ll never be prescribed a plan that is not conducive to your schedule or environment.

Happy Stories

We used Sarah at Vita New Life for both our 3rd and later and 4th baby. She gave great suggestions on easing back/leg pain during pregnancy, offered successful options to get baby best positioned for birth, and provided calm, caring, evidenced-based support during labor and delivery. A doula during childbirth is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your baby, and Sarah is just top notch!
Dr. Sarah Knight has been a godsend as part of my care team for guiding me back toward structural balance and strength. It's worth so much to have genuine people like Dr. Sarah who really want to see you succeed. -Cindy
Dr. Sarah helped me with a wide range of issues, including all kinds of aches and pains related to pregnancy, constipation, a slow-healing laceration from birth, rebuilding core strength, and a custom "return to running" program. Sarah also helped me prepare for my VBAC, and was attentive to my immediate postpartum issues, which was so helpful. I feel so fortunate to have found someone as well-trained, experienced, and empowering as Sarah. -Ruth
I am grateful for the difference you’ve made in my life! I have never met someone so kind, caring and skilled at what they do. My life is literally better everyday because of you! Thank You! -Kim

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